Monday, April 14, 2014

Living in a Prison

There are times in life when we are left to feel paralyzed and even fearful not knowing how to step forward in certain situations.  At times, ignoring the issue may appear to be the best solution but it never goes away.  It is frustrating to think that some things in life seem to have a greater grip on us than we do on it.  In some cases, others have even tried to manipulate or make decisions for us, not allowing us to work with the freedom to make decisions for ourselves.  Yet, is this a choice that we have made or allowed others to make for us?

Feeling like we are boxed in or existing in a self-made prison will eventually kill one's spirit.  How is it that Christians can have so many different perspectives on a similar situation?  Why is so difficult for some people to move forward when difficulties come their way?  Have you ever witnessed someone having an excuse for every hardship they find themselves in--of course it is never their fault.  And then there are those who step forward with a positive, confident, and hopeful spirit--I love these people and they are great to be around.  I've come to believe that it is all about "Biblical" perspective.  

The psalmist, David, had more ups and downs than most anyone that I'm aware of and yet he always came back to a Biblical understanding of who God was and what He was capable of doing for him in those difficult circumstances.  I'm reminded of Psalm 142:7 where David prays, "Bring my soul out of prison so that I may give thanks to Your name."  Any time a believer in Christ fails to remember that God is infinite, sovereign, and that His Spirit dwells within them will become a prisoner of life's circumstances and others.  Many people live in this bondage day after day in self-made prisons refusing to leave, even when the prison door is left open.  Some even live a majority of their lives in this prison trying to please others and never seeking the approval of God alone.  Christ has come to set men free from the bondage of sin and the world; He has made a provision for believers to live in victory each day through Him.  His grace is sufficient for the darkest hour.

With God's help, I refuse to believe the lies of the evil one and will reject the very things the world encourages me to embrace that only bring bondage.  BIBLICAL thinking is paramount and I must understand HIS WORD.

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