Thursday, March 19, 2015

Humility Led Christ to the Cross

It is easy to talk about the significant need for humility as it is taught in Scripture, and yet it is an entirely different matter to practice it.  Each day I am challenged to remember that I serve best when I practice the humility that Christ practiced, which always placed the concern, interests, and needs of others before my own.  He taught this so well in Philippians 2:1-8 when it says that He became a servant and humbled Himself even to the point of death on the cross.  Believers are challenged not to have a "me mentality" but an "others mentality" and that takes a great deal of prayer and work because it does not come very naturally for us.  I can be too interested in my own ideas, desires, schedule, and needs that I don't want to see the needs of others.  Others can truly become an inconvenience, which is so contrary to what Christ taught through His life.  Most of us truly believe we deserve so much more or that we should be treated so much better.  I'm thankful that my Savior and Redeemer did not take the attitude towards me.

Solomon says in Proverbs 13:10 that "Only by prides comes contention".  Whenever there are difficulties and contention amongst people, it is not necessary to look very far because the root problem is pride.  It was pride that cast Satan from the Garden of Eden.  It was pride that caused Adam and Eve to think they could have so much more.  It was pride that caused Cain to murder his brother Abel.  It is pride that caused the disciples to be concerned about greatness in Christ's kingdom.  Pride is just the opposite of humility and yet it exists in our lives and churches much more often than humility. 

If humility is what Christ prizes and Scripture commands, then the question must be asked:  Do we pray for humility or for God to help humble us so that He might be glorified through our lives?  Too often we desire to have our feet washed by others when we really need to be the foot washer--at least Jesus thought so.  Pray for God to grant us the humility that would lead us into sacrifice, concern, and love for others.

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