Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gospel Centered Life

I’m not sure about you, but each day when I wake up my feet hit the floor running with so many things that I need to accomplish.  Of course, the most important things that I should do are a challenge to complete due to unexpected phone calls, emails, or incidents throughout the day.  Life never seems to unfold the way that I anticipate.  I’m sure that if we sat down together we would all identify only a handful of things that really matter each day to truly accomplish.  All of the other things could probably be tossed out and deemed insignificant.
Let’s name those things that are TOP priority together.  Time with God in His Word just seems like the right and best thing to do each day.  The question is “how do I plan on it happening each day”.  Perhaps we could catch a verse on the Christian radio station as we travel to work or we could wake up fifteen minutes earlier to spend time alone with Him because we can’t make it without Him.
We would probably agree that praying is the lifeline that keeps us going all day long.  However, our praying may seem like tiny little fragments of time that we talk to God behind the steering wheel, in the rest room, or when a tense moment arises throughout the day.  I believe we would agree that God desires and deserves meditative prayer in order to seek His heart and praise His name.  If the quality of our relationship with Him is revealed by the time we spent with Him it could be embarrassing to us all.
I believe that it goes without saying that God has placed us all on a mission, which is to share the Gospel message (Acts 2:32-37).  Each day is a new opportunity to carry the Gospel a little further than we did yesterday.  Each day has new faces and ways to share the Gospel.  The question is, “is it a priority for me to share”?  If so, who and when was the last time we shared it with another person?  When our feet hit the floor in the mornings, might we ask, “who can I share the Gospel with today”?
These three spiritual disciplines:  time in the Word, time in prayer, and sharing the Gospel should be on the to do list each day.  In fact, they should occupy the top three lines of that list.  In essence, since we have been touched by the grace of God in our own lives, some other things just really don’t seem as significant.  When we focus on these top priorities it is amazing how God manages the other things for us.

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