Thursday, July 2, 2015

God of the Impossible

Many times our view of God stems from our limited time and experience with Him.  We often limit God to only work within a small framework and within our own simple thinking.  Is God ever limited?  I would say that God is only limited by His  divine nature and character. 

At times, we stand in amazement over some of the simplest things that God does for us each day such as a beautiful sunset or an answered prayer.  The most amazing work of God was the sending of His Son and all the details that surround this event. Throughout history, God has proven His control over all the details of life and He has come to the rescue of so many who walk with Him.  God always works within His will, according to His principles, and according to His character.  Scripture never portrays God as some genie in a bottle bringing good fortune for the one who stumbles along and finds Him.  Yet, God reveals Himself in mighty ways, especially to those who are fully devoted to Him and His glory.

Throughout the Old Testament, God worked through His people, Israel, to establish His fame and glory before the other nations.  Leaders were chosen by God to guide His people.  God empowered the simple and He provided them wisdom for daily living.  God worked the impossible as a testimony of His greatness.  God's desire was that His name would be great amongst the nations and that others would marvel of His greatness and holiness.

In the weeks to come I plan on studying select passages in the Old Testament that focus on The God of the Impossible as He works through simple men who yielded their lives to His control.  If God is never changing and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Malachi 3:6), then, can we expect God to do mighty things on our behalf and for us today?  Do we place restrictions on God in our minds?  Is our faith in God a testimony to others as to what He can accomplish?  Plan on being a part of the next 8 weeks as we consider the character of our GREAT God.

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