Thursday, December 20, 2018

Did Jesus Carry Any of Mary's DNA?

I was recently asked a very good and thought provoking question from one of our church members. To be honest it was one of the best questions that I’ve been asked in a while.  She asked, “If Jesus was sinless then does He have any DNA from his mother?”  Wow, good question.  Obviously God does not tell us all the things that we feel are important.  However, God does tell us all the things that we need to know in order to have a saving relationship with Him and to worship Him properly.
So, in efforts to answer her question as Biblically and thoroughly as possible I would like to share a few bullet points of thought.
  • We clearly know from Scripture (Matthew 1, and Luke 1) that the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ was brought about by God’s Holy Spirit without any human contribution.  This is why Christ was sinless.  Sin is passed along through the seed of man —since the time of Adam (Romans 5:12, 5:17, 5:19).  
  • The result of sin is that it brings forth death (both physically and spiritually—James 1:15) to all mankind. 
  • Jesus Christ, as the perfect and Holy Child, had no sin and therefore could not die apart from the decreed will of God to die on the cross for our sin (Ephesians 1:4). 
  • Although God has not disclosed the biological nature of how Mary carried the child into the world, it would be my opinion that God has disclosed the most important information that He was without sin.  I do not believe that any of Mary’s DNA that would have been affected by sin, would have been imputed (or placed) into Jesus Christ—this would violate the fact that Christ was the Holy Lamb of God that came to die for the sins of mankind.  His sinlessness made Him the only candidate who could die for man’s sin.  I believe that Mary physically nurture the Christ child while He was in the womb.
  • I believe that the DNA necessary for a sinless birth was provided by God alone and could not be produced any other way. 
  • God just does not give us the full details but this is a good question.  I would say it was still a supernatural act of God in how Jesus Christ (as God) entered into the universe through a virgin.
Please know that this is my opinion based on the Scriptural information that I have read.  We need to be careful of eisegesis (reading into the Biblical text), which is the opposite of exegesis (drawing out of the Biblical text).  Too often we want to know more than what God has provided so one can be guilty of connecting dots that God never intended for us to connect.  Some things will remain a mystery until the day we see Christ face to face.  Even at that point in time it probably won’t even matter, as we will be caught up in worshipping Him.

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